Suited Connectors in No Limit Hold'em Games

The suited connectors hand is very popular in no-limit Hold'em games that have moderate stakes. This is because these are transitional hands that can be played to their full potential with a bit of strategy.


If you find yourself holding suited connector cards, such as the seven and eight of Diamonds, what you will do with those cards depends on the flop. Players should never commit themselves to a straight flush. For instance, if you are holding the seven and eight of Diamonds and the flop turns up the King of Diamonds, the seven of Spades and the eight of Hearts, it may be more worth your time to focus on the two pairs and forget the idea of building a flush or straight. However, if the flop turns up more Diamonds or even a nine and 10, focusing on these hands is a good idea.

Maximizing the Hand

Players must also learn how to bluff based upon the situation. For instance, if your suited connectors do not play out as well as you had hoped, you may be able to force the other players into folding and giving you the pot. This is a risky move in that the other players may have a fabulous hand, but it is well worth it if players take the time to raise minimally throughout the hand to see how the other players react. Anyhow, the easiest way to master the poker game is by constant practice. You can freely enter into poker rooms by using many of the free bonuses, which you can find at Ragingbullnodeposit website. Just follow the instructions, and you can easily transit from novice to pro player.

The way you play suited connectors in a Hold'em game should depend on the cards that come up after the flop. From this point, players should use their intuition and their bluffing skills to come out ahead.