Playing Rags in Texas Hold'em

Anyone who is familiar with Texas Hold'em knows that it is always in their best interest to play high hole cards. However, is it ever beneficial to play the 'rags', or very low hole cards? This document will explain in greater detail.

When Not to Play Rags

There are two situations in which you should never play rags in Hold'em poker. The first is when it seems as if these cards could build your favorite poker hand. This can be a mistake because the odds of the cards you need coming up in the flop are practically non-existent. You should also never play rags out of boredom because this is a recipe for disaster. If the cards are low and you do not have a good feeling about them, fold your hand as opposed to throwing money away needlessly.

When to Play Rags

There are also two situations in which you should almost always play rags in poker. The first is when you are on a winning streak and you do not want to lose momentum. Suddenly folding after winning several hands in a row may cause you to lose credential with your opponents. You should also play rags when you have a decent shot at stealing a pot by advertising and bluffing. If you can pull this off successfully, it will help you earn a reputation for being able to play even the worst of hands with ease. Visit CasinoReel and practice playing online poker on this excellent online casino platform.

Rags are not always the end of a hand when players know how to use them carefully. By following this guide and playing or folding as stated, players will undoubtedly realize better results.