How to Bluff in Limit Hold'em Poker

Bluffing is a skill that every good poker player has in his or her repertoire. Knowing how to bluff in certain situations and in certain game types can make all of the difference and determine whether a player wins or loses.

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Is it Useless?

Bluffing in no-limit poker is a vital skill because it helps to sort the fish from the real players. In low-limit poker, this skill is not as necessary, but it is certainly not without its place. Bluffing will not be as fruitful in limit poker, but it can certainly serve its purpose in a number of situations. This is true when a player is holding the short stack or the big stack when compared to his or her opponents. Before taking part in a live poker game, train your bluffing skills playing online poker. On you will have the opportunity of improving your game for free, using casino bonuses, and once you feel ready, you can start playing live, for real money.

Short Stack

When you are in the short stack position, it is important to use the bluff very carefully. When all of the other players at the table have fallen into the habit of checking, bluffing is a great way to get them to fold and essentially steal the pot. When you are holding the shortest stack and you make a bold move, there is a very good possibility that your opponents will believe you and fold.

Big Stack

In the big stack position, bluffing is equally as important. Here, the players are likely all working to take you out of the equation because they view you as a threat. Sometimes, it may be in your favor to bluff in order to win the pot and take out other players. Keep a straight face when holding a good hand and never raise. This way, when the cards are shown, you can win the pot and take out the other players.

Bluffing in limit poker is not quite as important as it is in other types of poker games, but it certainly can have its advantages. Always bluff more modestly, and never let the other players in on your secret.