How to Play Unsuited Connectors

How a player uses his or her connecting cards will have a huge impact on the outcome of a Texas Hold'em game. In short, connectors are cards that have consecutive values and provide players with the opportunity to create a straight.

Playing High Connectors

When playing fixed-limit Texas Hold'em, players focus on the large cards in their hands in order to beat their opponents. Because of this, low connectors have little to no value. Big unsuited connectors are a bit different, but only when there is a significant chance of completing the straight. Raise with high connectors to force others into folding, and then continue to play aggressively as long as the cards in the flop are in your favor.

Playing Lower Connectors

With smaller connectors, it is important to play moderately to see what the flop holds. Bluffing skills can be absolutely crucial here as you will not want to let the other players know that you are on the fence. If the flop card is in your favor, pick up the pace and play aggressively, but not so aggressively that the other players try to take you out with high raises. Do not invest too much money in these hands in any event because they will fail much more often than they will win. To enter the game fully prepared, we recommend to play this game via an online casino and use a no deposit casino bonus. Get more information here.

Fixed limit Texas Hold'em requires a lot of skill and strategy on the players' part. By understanding how to play connector cards, the number of times you can win is likely to increase over time.